Online Holiday Ordering is currently closed. Please call your store to reserve.


There is a $25 deposit due when you select your turkey. Plan around 1 pound per person.  Cost of the turkey will be determined by actual weight. At the time you pick up the $25 deposit will be applied. 


There are two types of roasts available.  Choose the grade and weight of roast you prefer.  Actual weight will vary, but be close to that selected.  Cost of the roast will be determined by actual weight.At the time you pick up the $25 deposit will be applied.



Be sure to order your sides now.  Two sizes available.  They will be ready to pick up when you get your turkey or roast.  Don't wait, we sell out quickly during the holidays.  Order today and guarantee yourself an easy and delicious holiday meal.


There's always room for pie.....Order yours today.  And don't forget to pick up the whipped cream!